Marine veteran Trevor Reed was wounded fighting in Ukraine

U.S. Marine veteran Trevor Reed, freed last year from a Russian prison, was injured while fighting in Ukraine and is currently being treated in Germany.

The big picture: Reed, who was not acting on behalf of the U.S. Government, has been wounded in Ukraine, with injury treatment taking place in Germany.
* State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel has emphasized that the US government has warned American citizens not to travel to Ukraine.

The specifics: The nature of Reed’s injury was not specified, nor was it clear when he started fighting in Ukraine.
* News site The Messenger, citing U.S. military officials, initially reported that Reed was injured after stepping on a land mine two weeks ago, and was evacuated by a non-governmental organization for treatment in Germany.

What’s next: Reed was previously detained by Russia for allegedly attacking a Moscow police officer in 2019 and was sentenced to nine years in prison.
* He was released from Russian prison in April 2022, in a prisoner exchange for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot serving a 20-year U.S. prison sentence for conspiring to smuggle cocaine into the U.S.

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