Biden’s dog, Commander, has been biting Secret Service agents

President Biden’s dog, Commander, has been involved in several biting incidents with Secret Service agents.

Incident Details: Records show that between October 2022 and January 2023, Commander bit Secret Service agents ten times.
* One biting incident resulted in an agent needing hospital treatment.
* On October 26, Commander charged at an agent while on a walk with First lady Jill Biden and several more incidents occurred in the following months.

Previous Pet Problems: This is not the first time a Biden dog has had issues, with Major also sent to live with family friends after biting incidents.
* Major, along with Commander and Champ (who died in 2021), were the German Shepherds the Bidens brought to the White House.

The Secret Service Response: The Secret Service has addressed the incidents, stating it takes the safety of its employees “extremely seriously.”
* The organization claims these incidents are not exceptional and have been treated like past incidents involving first family pets.

The Bidens’ Action: The First Lady’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, stated that the Bidens are working to improve this situation.
* The Bidens are collaborating with the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff on additional leashing protocols, training, and establishing designated areas for Commander to exercise.

Expert Opinion: Canine behavior expert, Bob Brandau, expressed skepticism about the likelihood of training to fix aggression in Commander.
* Brandau suggested the use of a muzzle and leash, as the dog is likely to bite again due to becoming increasingly comfortable with the behavior.

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