Indian rescuers find 27 dead and dozens are missing after rains cause landslide

Rescue operations in western India continue after monsoon rains caused a major landslide, leaving 27 dead and 78 unaccounted for.

Disaster details: A massive landslide struck Irshalwadi village in Raigadh district, about 50 miles from Mumbai, burying at least 17 of the Village’s 48 houses.
* The landslide, triggered by heavy monsoon rains, has left 27 confirmed dead, with 78 more people still missing.

Rescue efforts: The rescue process has been complex due to the remoteness of the area and ongoing rainfall that threatens more landslides.
* Rescue teams have been relying on rods and shovels, as heavier equipment cannot reach the village due to treacherous conditions.
* A canine unit is assisting in locating survivors, and the rescue operation is suspended during the night due to safety concerns.

Impact: The number of fatalities is rising and train service has been disrupted in several areas due to the incessant rains.
* Record monsoon rains over the last three weeks in northern India have resulted in more than 100 deaths.
* The severe flooding caused by the monsoons has led to significant infrastructure damage, including the collapse of roads and homes.

Climate change perspective: Monsoon seasons have become increasingly unpredictable, with scientists attributing the changes to climate change.
* The erratic monsoons are causing frequent landslides and flash floods, particularly in India’s Himalayan north.
* Monsoon season, which runs from June to September, is essential for rain-fed crops but often results in extensive environmental and infrastructure damage.

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