A Major League Soccer trainer was fired for flashing the ‘OK’ hand sign in a photo

D.C. United’s head athletic trainer, Reade Whitney, has been fired for allegedly making a controversial hand gesture.

Driving the news: The soccer team D.C. United announced on Friday the termination of their head athletic trainer.
* Reade Whitney was fired following a team photo showing him with an attempted “OK” hand gesture, known to be increasingly used by white supremacists.
* The club emphasized that it has no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

The intrigue: The “OK” hand gesture has shifted in meaning recently.
* Although traditionally used to indicate well-being, it has been more recently adopted by white supremacist and far-right groups.
* Both the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center note the distinctly new use of this gesture.

Additional suspensions: Two players of the same team are on paid administrative leave while under investigation.
* Players Taxi Fountas and Nigel Robertha have been suspended while Major League Soccer investigates potential policy violations.
* This event happened shortly after the firing of Reade Whitney, but it’s unclear if the two incidents are connected.

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