As North Korea fires missiles, it stays silent on U.S soldier who fled to the country

North Korea continues to conduct missile tests while remaining publicly silent on the issue of an American soldier who fled to the country.

Missile tests: In protest against the docking of a U.S. nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea, North Korea launched several cruise missiles on Saturday, marking the second test this week.
* South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff detected the missile launches around 4 a.m., but no immediate details on the number or distance of the missiles were provided.
* North Korea described the newly developed missiles as “strategic,” hinting at an intent to arm them with nuclear weapons.

American soldier’s status: North Korea has not commented publicly for five days on the fate of the American soldier, Pvt. Travis King, who ran across the heavily fortified Korean border earlier this week.
* The North Korean state media has been silent on the issue, and the U.S. is still awaiting for clarity on King’s whereabouts and condition.

Expert insights: Some experts believe North Korea may utilize the detained soldier for propaganda purposes or as a negotiating piece to gain political and security concessions from Washington.
* Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at South Korea’s Ewha University, cautioned against attributing North Korean missile tests to the negotiation for Pvt. King’s release, despite the coinciding events.

Military tensions: The U.S. and South Korea have responded to North Korea’s aggressive testing, which numbers about 100 missile tests this year, by expanding their combined military activities.
* The allied nations have also begun nuclear contingency planning meetings aimed at easing South Korean public anxiety about North Korea’s expanding nuclear threat.

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