AMC Theaters reverses its decision to price tickets based on where customers sit

AMC Theaters has reversed its decision to price tickets based on customers’ chosen seating locations.

Driving the news: AMC had initially announced in February a pricing model, called Sightline, where middle seats would be more costly than front row seats.
* The company has decided to abandon the initiative amid concerns of reduced competitiveness due to other competitors not adopting similar pricing structures.
* The company found that even with lower pricing, the front row seats were still less chosen.

The pivot: AMC intends to change its approach and focus on enhancing the comfort of front-row seating.
* It plans to test new seats in the front row that recline further back to allow for a better view.

Future plans: AMC has confirmed it will not continue with the Sightline program in its current pilot locations after testing ends in the next few weeks.
* It also clarified the program will not be implemented nationwide.

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