U.S. says Russia is laying the groundwork to attack civilian ships and blame Ukraine

The U.S. National Security Council accuses Russia of conducting a “false flag operation” to justify potential attacks on civilian ships in the Black Sea and subsequently blame Ukraine.

Driving the news: The assertion arose after Russia reneged on a deal facilitating the transport of grain from Ukrainian ports, creating potential impact on global food supply.
* The NSC spokesperson John Kirby revealed in a Thursday briefing that Russia might expand its Black Sea targets to include civilian ships carrying grain and food.
* Kirby stated that Russia has falsely blamed Ukraine for sea mines Russia itself has allegedly installed.

Official responses: The U.S. felt compelled to declassify and publicly share this information to spotlight emerging dangers in the Black Sea for civilian vessels, attributing this increased risk solely to Russia.
* Kirby emphasised, “Black Sea waters are now more dangerous than they were before for civilian shipping and that’s because of one party and one party only: and that’s Russia.”
* Additionally, the U.S. announced further sanctions against Russia on Thursday to curb its military expansion.

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