The U.S. could slash climate pollution, but it might not be enough, a new report says

The U.S. could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 29% to 42% by 2030 according to a report from Rhodium Group, however, more drastic action will be needed to meet the commitments of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The Inflation Reduction Act effect: The Inflation Reduction Act passed by Congressional Democrats is expected to significantly endorse green technologies making renewable energy and electric vehicles more affordable.
* This could result in a far greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 than previously expected according to the Rhodium Group.

The challenges: Despite these strides, multiple obstacles continue to exist.
* Developers of wind and solar plants are often met with public opposition and waiting lines to connect power plants and batteries to electrical grids.
* The desired emissions reductions will require the U.S. to match and maintain its best-ever performances for wind and solar development.

Paris Agreement Target: Even with these improvements, the targets set by the 2015 Paris Agreement will not be met.
* The U.S. pledged to halve its emissions by the end of this decade under the agreement, which will necessitate more aggressive actions at both the state and federal level.

Global Warming Concerns: The current efforts to combat global warming are not sufficient and time is running out.
* To avoid disastrous climate impacts as per the United Nations, a more focused international response will be needed and the U.S., as the largest historical contributor to climate change, must lead this effort.

Expert quote: “If the U.S. can start cutting down the emissions, steadily year over year, decade over decade, then we are on the right path to limit global warming,” stated Aiguo Dai, a professor of atmospheric and environmental science at the University of Albany.

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