The ‘lioness’ that sparked a massive search near Berlin may have just been a boar

A large-scale search for a suspected lioness near Berlin was called off after officials suggested the animal might have been a wild boar.

The beginning: The believed lioness, first spotted on Thursday night, was reported by a passer-by who saw a large cat chasing a wild boar.
* The Brandenburg Police found the claim of a lioness credible based on the video and initiated a massive search.
* More than 30 patrol cars, helicopters, veterinarians, and hunters were involved in the search operation, while riot police assisted with population protection.

Fact check: However, the mystery regarding the predator’s origin became puzzling as no local zoos, circuses or animal rescue facilities reported any missing felines.
* Kleinmachnow Mayor Michael Grubert said upon closer analysis, the animal in question lacked distinctive big cat traits, suggesting it could have been a wild boar.

Potential dangers: While female lions can grow up to 9 feet and weigh between 265 and 395 pounds, a male Central European boar averages about 4’11” in length and might weigh up to 441 pounds.
* Despite their size difference, wild boars can be dangerous to humans owing to their sharp teeth.

End of search: Mayor Grubert announced the lifting of indoor warnings, and a considerable scale-back of search efforts, though the police will remain prepared to respond if situation changes.

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