CIA Chief: The uprising in Russia shows ‘signs of weakness’ in Putin’s rule

CIA Director William Burns stated that the recent uprising by a mercenary group in Russia showed “signs of weakness” in President Vladimir Putin’s regime, potentially offering opportunities for the CIA to recruit Russian spies.

Signs of disorder: Burns highlighted a brief rebellion by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, which seemed to catch Russian decision-makers, military, and security services off guard.
* This episode resulted in Putin meeting with Prigozhin to strike a deal, despite initial denouncements.

Recruiting opportunities: Burns sees this period of upheaval in Russia, along with dissatisfaction with the ongoing war in Ukraine, as the right time for the CIA to try to recruit Russians to spy for the U.S.
* A video posted by the CIA on the Telegram app offering a secure way to contact the agency received 2.5 million views in its first week.

Continuing conflict: Burns specifically criticized Putin’s tactics in Ukraine, saying the Russian leader is attempting to destroy Ukraine’s economy and inflict suffering on its civilians.
* Russia has suspended a deal allowing Ukraine to send its agricultural products through the Black Sea and has been conducting airstrikes on grain storage facilities in and around the southern port city of Odesa.

China Assessment: Burns also assessed Chinese military ambitions towards Taiwan, suggesting that Chinese leader Xi Jinping may have doubts about a successful full-scale invasion due to observing Putin’s troubles in Ukraine.
* Despite this, Burns does not underestimate Xi’s ultimate goal to control Taiwan. He mentioned the CIA’s recently established a China Mission Center, dedicated to dealing with the U.S.’s most serious long-term adversary.

Burns’s background: Throughout his career, Burns has focused heavily on Russia and has had an important role in the U.S.’s efforts to support Ukraine, making multiple visits to the country.
* He’s credited with helping declassify some intelligence on Russia’s war plans before the country’s invasion of Ukraine, a move seen as crucial in rallying international support for Ukraine.

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