Iraq expels Sweden’s ambassador after storming of Swedish Embassy over Quran burning

Iraq has expelled Sweden’s ambassador and recalled its own top diplomat from Sweden following protests against Quran desecration incidents in Sweden.

Driving the news: Iraq’s decision comes after the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad was stormed and part of it set on fire by protestors.
* Tensions were fueled by a Quran-burning incident in Stockholm last month, carried out by an Iraqi national.
* Despite the incident, Swedish police sanctioned a gathering which could have involved another public Quran burning.

Protests Unfolded: Two men protested against Islam outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm, mistreating the Quran and an Iraqi flag.
* The demonstrators caused outrage in Iraq, which escalated into the storming of the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad.
* The Swedish government accused Iraqi authorities of failing to protect their embassy and confirmed the evacuation of staff.

Diplomatic reactions: Following the attack, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani ordered the expulsion of Sweden’s ambassador and recalled their own top diplomat from Sweden.
* Swedish authorities have said they may consider revising rules around Quran protests to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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