Dingo pack leader killed after attacking a jogger on a popular Australian island

A dingo pack leader on K’gari, a popular tourist island in Australia, was euthanized after a brutal attack on a jogger.

Incident Details: Jogger Sarah Peet, 23, was mauled by a group of dingoes as she ran on a beach on Monday.
* Peet, a Brisbane resident, was airlifted to a hospital in a stable condition.
* Tourists Shane and Sarah Moffat intervened, with Shane Moffat physically fighting off the dingo.
* The pack leader was subsequently trapped and euthanized by wildlife rangers.

Authorities’ Reaction: Wildlife authorities have seen an increase in dangerous dingo-human interactions, which they attribute to tourists feeding the animals or encouraging them to approach for photos.
* K’gari is home to some of Australia’s purest dingoes, which are protected species.
* The decision to euthanize the pack leader dingo was supported by the Butchulla people, the island’s traditional owners.

Prior Incidents and Future Measures: Authorities have had to terminate one other dingo in recent weeks due to aggressive behavior.
* The pack leader was one of three dingoes fitted with tracking collars due to their dangerous behavior.
* Officials are considering ways to ensure dingoes and humans can coexist more safely on the island.

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