Is ‘Toxic Fashion’ making us sick? A look at the chemicals lurking in our clothes

Alden Wicker discusses the presence and potential dangers of toxic chemicals in our clothes in his new work ‘To Dye For.’

Inciting Incident: In 2018, Delta airlines introduced new uniforms made of synthetic-blend fabric that reportedly made flight attendants sick.
* This marked a notable instance of apparent health issues potentially related to chemicals in clothing.

“Toxic Fashion” explained: Alden Wicker explores how toxic chemicals can be present in our clothes in his piece ‘To Dye For.’
* He warns the public about the health dangers these chemicals may pose.

What’s the harm?: The main concern is the potential damage these chemicals can do to our health, although the scope and severity isn’t fully clarified in this article.
* More information on the specific reactions or long-term effects can be found in Wicker’s complete work.

Noteworthy: The piece’s title ‘To Dye For’ suggests a focus on chemicals used in the dyeing process of fabrics, implying this might be a key source of the toxicity.
* It invites further exploration into the potential dangers of commonly-used processes in the fashion industry.

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