Illegal border crossings are down. One big reason why is now part of a court fight

Illegal border crossings between the U.S. and Mexico have significantly decreased due to the Biden administration’s asylum limitations, which are now the focus of litigation.

Policy changes in effect: Under the Biden administration’s asylum policies implemented in May, migrants have to apply for asylum via the CBP One application.
* For those who cross the border illegally, achieving asylum becomes significantly more complicated.
* Those waiting for an appointment for asylum face a hard wait, like Liseth, a Venezuelan woman, who has been trying to secure an appointment for a month without success.

Resulting effects: As a result of these policies, approximately 100,000 migrants are estimated to be waiting in camps and cities for the opportunity to seek asylum.
* The utilization of the CBP One app has been credited for an extensive drop in illegal border crossings, which fell to under 100,000 encounters last month, the lowest since February 2021.

Courtroom contention: These asylum policies are now being contested in court from both immigrant advocates and hard-line immigration detractors.
* Advocacy organizations allege the new rule is unlawful and creates a bottleneck by mandating the use of the CBP One app.
* Republican led-states argue that too many asylum-seekers are being allowed into the country under the new rules.

Administration’s stance: Despite the criticisms and lawsuits, the Biden administration maintains the legality of its policies.
* Blas Nuñez-Neto, a top immigration official, stated that these policies are encouraging migrants to use “safe, lawful and orderly pathways,” while enforcing consequences for those who cross irregularly.
* However, ongoing legal battles over these asylum rules are expected, regardless of the court’s decision.

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