Up First briefing: Trump hearing; U.S-China climate talks; Taylor Swift breaks records

Today’s top headlines include a Florida court hearing regarding former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case, U.S-China climate talks featuring John Kerry, and Taylor Swift breaking Billboard records.

Trump case hearing: Today, a Florida court will decide when the trial regarding Trump’s classified documents will proceed.
* Last week, Trump asked for a postponement until after the 2024 presidential election.
* Speculation exists on possible threats to the trial if Trump wins the presidency again, such as dropping the indictment or attempting a self-pardon.

U.S-China Climate talks: U.S. special climate envoy John Kerry is in China trying to reestablish climate talks.
* Both U.S and China are key contributors to global emissions.
* Challenges lie ahead as China’s relationship with the U.S is at historically low points despite both countries experiencing the severe impacts of climate change.

Dealing with Tunisia: The European Union is offering a considerable financial deal to Tunisia to help with migrant crossing and economic stability.
* The deal is controversial due to concerns of President Kais Saied’s policies which some believe undermine the country’s democracy.
* NPR’s Ruth Sherlock reports that Saied has centralized power, leading to concerns about democratic stability and human rights issues.

Medical update: The FDA has approved an antibody shot, nirsevimab (Beyfortus), for babies to protect from severe respiratory illness caused by RSV.

Records broken: Taylor Swift has broken another Billboard record, with four albums simultaneously in the Top 10, a first for a female artist.

Other mentions: Edward Caban, sworn in as the first Latino to lead the NYPD, and a boat crash lawsuit featured in the Murdaugh Murders documentary being settled for $15 million.

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