Murdaugh boat crash suit ends in a $15 million settlement for family of teen who died

The lawsuit over a 2019 boat crash that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach has been settled for $15 million with the convenience store chain, Parker’s, that sold alcohol to underage driver, Paul Murdaugh.

Driving the news: Parker’s Corporation has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the family of Mallory Beach and survivors of the boat crash, effectively halting a jury trial that was due to start next month.
* Beach’s family received $15 million in the wrongful death suit, with four crash survivors also receiving additional settlements.
* Parker’s, a chain of convenience stores prevalent in coastal South Carolina and Georgia, sold alcohol to the underage Paul Murdaugh, who later piloted the boat that crashed.

Backdrop: The crash sparked significant controversy and put the Murdaugh family, a powerful family in South Carolina, into the spotlight.
* Paul Murdaugh and his mother, Maggie, were murdered in 2021. Paul’s father, former attorney Alex Murdaugh, was convicted for their murders.
* The lawsuits alleged that the Murdaugh family facilitated Paul’s access to alcohol and the boat involved in the crash.

The accusation: Parker’s was accused of not doing enough to prevent access to alcohol.
* Murdaugh used his older brother’s ID and his mother’s credit card to purchase alcohol at a Parker’s Kitchen store, despite noticeable age and physical differences between him and his older brother.
* Parker’s has not faced any criminal charges, but the company expressed disappointment over the disclosure of the settlement terms.

The aftermath: Parker’s insurance carriers decided to settle to avoid potentially paying a large jury award intended to punish Alex Murdaugh due to joint liability laws.
* Despite their frustration, Parker’s legal team hopes that the settlement will bring some closure to all involved parties.
* Authorities confirmed Paul Murdaugh was intoxicated and in control of his family’s boat at the time of the crash, which has brought significant scrutiny onto his family and their actions preceding the incident.

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