DeSantis’ fundraising numbers mask potential problems

The latest campaign finance data reveals potential issues for GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who is relying on large donors and has limited grassroots support.

DeSantis’ donor dilemma: Despite raising over $20 million, 70% of DeSantis’ campaign funding comes from donors who have already given the maximum allowed, and just 15% comes from small donors contributing less than $200.
* This pattern indicates a potential lack of grassroots support, which could pose a long-term issue.
* DeSantis has spent about $8 million in the first five-and-a-half weeks of his campaign, a rate of about $1.5 million a week.

Trump’s fluctuating finances: Estimating the financial health of former President Trump’s campaign is currently challenging due to different committees and reporting deadlines.
* Trump’s campaign claims to have raised over $35 million this quarter combined with the joint fundraising committee, but only $17.7 million has been officially reported.
* The campaign also transferred around $15 million from the joint fundraising committee.

Personal fortunes in play: Two other Republican candidates, Vivek Ramaswamy and Doug Burgum, have heavily invested personal wealth into their campaigns.
* Ramaswamy has donated or loaned his campaign $16 million and spent over $10 million, a burn rate of 53%.
* Burgum has loaned his campaign $10.2 million and has spent $8.1 million, a burn rate of 69%.

RFK Jr’s unexpectedly strong fundraising: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., challenging President Biden in the Democratic primary, has raised about $6.4 million, a third of which is from small donors.
* Though his totals fall short of Biden’s, they suggest enough support to sustain a lean campaign and continue gaining attention.

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