A punishing heat wave hits the West and Southwest U.S.

A record-breaking heat wave is hitting the Western and Southwest United States, with millions of Americans expected to experience extreme temperatures over the coming days.

Heat wave details: About one-third of Americans are facing excessive heat warnings, watches, or advisories as a heat dome expands over Texas, California, Nevada, and Arizona.
* The peak of the heat is expected on Sunday in these states, with desert temperatures potentially reaching near 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
* This is not a typical heatwave due to its long duration, extreme daytime temperatures, and warm nights.

Emergent responses: Across the U.S., local public health officials are advising residents to seek cool shelter and to check up on neighbors.
* Much of the focus is on cities like Las Vegas, which could tie its all-time record high of 117 degrees Fahrenheit.
* The ongoing intense heat in Phoenix is predicted to break its longest recorded stretch of 110-degree or higher heat.

Health concerns & fatalities: Increased hospital rates and fatalities are being reported as a result of the heatwave.
* Local health officials in Las Vegas have registered at least seven heat-related deaths this year and an uptick in hospital arrivals due to dehydration.
* In Phoenix, at least 12 heat-related deaths have been reported so far this year.

Causative factors: The current heatwave has been attributed to several climatic factors, primarily the recent arrival of El Niño, a natural climate pattern that brings warmer global temperatures.
* El Niño exacerbates the effects of climate change, leading to warmer temperatures.
* The heat dome phenomenon, where high atmospheric pressure traps hot ocean air, is another factor contributing to the heatwave. Climate change can amplify the frequency and intensity of heat domes.

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