Minnesota and Wisconsin issue air quality alerts amid a new round of Canada smoke

Minnesota and Wisconsin have issued air quality alerts due to new smoke influx from Canadian wildfires.

Current Scenario: Since Saturday, both states have issued warnings about air quality, primarily affecting sensitive groups like children, elderly people, and those with respiratory diseases.
* This is happening less than three weeks after a previous incidence of reduced air quality in the Midwest due to smoke from wildfires in Canada.
* Parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana are also forecast for unhealthy air quality.

State-Specific Details: Each state has specific areas and alerts in effect due to varying levels of air pollution.
* Minnesota has a statewide code orange air quality alert in effect until 3 p.m. CST Saturday, with most regions under a red alert signalling unhealthy air for all residents.
* Southern parts of the Twin Cities, St. Paul and Minneapolis, have some of the highest and riskiest air quality levels in the country.
* Wisconsin’s code orange air quality warning will continue until noon on Sunday, impacting the northern half of the state on Saturday and the southern half until Sunday afternoon.

Future Outlook: Authorities anticipate gradual improvements but warn of possible continued poor air quality.
* In Minnesota, the air quality is expected to improve throughout the day from north to south, but smoke may still impact the air quality until Wednesday.
* Wisconsin’s air quality advisory might be extended for southern Wisconsin.
* Despite this round of smoke being less severe or long-lasting than in late June, officials still recommend people, especially those sensitive to poor air quality, to limit prolonged physical activity outdoors.

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