‘The Beast You Are’ is smart, self-aware, fun, creepy, and strange

Author Paul Tremblay releases a new short story collection, “The Beast You Are,” offering a mix of horror, suspense, and science fiction narratives.

What they’re saying: The collection showcases Tremblay’s knack for blending traditional and unique storytelling techniques.
* The 15 stories range a spectrum of genres, with several different narrative voices and techniques utilized.
* “The Beast You Are” features multiple acknowledgments to Tremblay’s previous work, making it a treat for existing fans while also serving as an engaging introduction for new readers.

Standouts include:
* “I Know You’re There,” a cerebral ghost story tackling grief and reality with a surreal, atmospheric quality.
* “The Postal Zone: The Possession Edition,” a self-aware narrative that deals with the ambiguity of Tremblay’s work through letters in a horror magazine.
* “House of Windows,” a story about a spontaneously appearing and expanding building, demonstrating Tremblay’s ability to develop engaging narratives from simple premises.
* “The Last Conversation,” a suspenseful piece dealing with an apocalyptic future and complex themes of grief and emotional struggle.
* “Howard Sturgis and the Letters and the Van and What He Found When He Went Back to His House” and “The Party,” two stories displaying Tremblay’s skill in creating unsettling atmospheres and engaging readers’ curiosity.

Final Thoughts: “The Beast You Are” is praised as a tour de force, showing Tremblay’s growing prowess in innovative storytelling and solidifying his status as a top voice in modern horror.

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