Biden frames his clean energy plan as a jobs plan, obscuring his record on climate

President Biden has shifted his emphasis from climate change to job creation in his pitch towards his clean energy policies.

The backstory: Biden initially highlighted the Inflation Reduction Act’s environmental benefits but has focused more on the jobs it has created as he ramps up his reelection campaign.
* This act allocated $369 billion towards climate-investing projects meant to fight climate change.
* However, the recent focus has been more on the number of jobs these projects will create rather than their green impact.

Changing Political Messaging: The shift highlights Biden’s effort to connect with voters concerned about the economy, despite the act’s considerable environmental achievements, including a projected 40% reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
* Biden emphasized job creation in a recent speech to union workers, saying the Inflation Reduction Act’s investments will “create jobs – lots of jobs, tens of thousands of good-paying union jobs.”

Reception and Perception: Nevertheless, Biden’s performance ratings in handling climate change have declined, especially among voters under 30.
* This decrease may be due to decisions such as allowing drilling in Alaska, which has disappointed environmentalist voters.
* Many Democratic voters are still unaware of the specifics of Biden’s signature climate law.

Administrative Response: Ali Zaidi, President Biden’s climate advisor, stated that he believes the situation will improve over time as people directly experience the benefits of the administration’s climate initiatives.

Examining the impact: Despite some young voters’ frustration with Biden’s handling of environmental issues, many still plan to vote for him because Republicans aim to roll back his climate initiatives.

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