Why can’t we stop homelessness? 4 reasons why there’s no end in sight

Despite significant efforts and funding to address homelessness in the U.S., the issue remains with no end in sight due to a variety of contributing factors.

Backdrop: Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass announced a continuation of her emergency declaration on homelessness amid surging numbers across the nation, revealing a shift in tone as a “very significant reduction” in homeless population expected this year seems unlikely.
* Other cities, too, are struggling with the issue, especially with the decline of affordable housing.

Problem Analysis: There are several reasons behind the persistent problem of homelessness.
* One challenge is an increasing rate of housing but even more people falling into homelessness.
* Another critical issue is the ongoing shrinkage of affordable housing with about 7 million short units for the lowest-income renters, leading to a housing market that leaves majority of low-income renters to turn to market-rate housing.
* The soaring rental costs pose another hurdle, as rents have been climbing faster than wages, forcing people to spend a significant part of their income on housing.
* Despite efforts to build more affordable housing, zoning laws and local opposition often hinder the process.
* Finally, pandemic aid programs that help many stay housed are slowly winding down.

By the numbers: The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority placed more than 20,000 into permanent housing for five consecutive years and nationally, the inventory of permanent housing increased by 26% during the same period.
* However, only 1 in 4 Americans who qualify for a federal housing subsidy actually get it.
* Last year, the number of renters spending at least 30% or 50% of their income on housing hit a record high.
* In the past ten years, nearly 4 million rental units under $600 disappeared.

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