Up First briefing: Zelenskyy at NATO; SAG-AFTRA deadline; #whitepeoplefood

President Biden is set to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the NATO summit concludes, with no set timeline for Ukraine to join the alliance, and potential strike action from the SAG-AFTRA union causing concern in Hollywood.

Meeting highlights: Biden’s meeting with Zelenskyy comes as NATO leaders agreed, without providing a timeline, that Ukraine could eventually join the alliance.
* Zelenskyy expressed his anger at NATO’s hesitation on his Twitter, stating the absence of a timeline is “absurd”.
* NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley, located in Lithuania, offers that Ukraine’s membership is unlikely to occur while the war with Russia continues.

Economic news: The government’s monthly consumer price index report for June, expected to reveal an annual inflation rate of about 3%, is suggested to bring potential good news for consumers.
* Consumers may see a decrease in travel costs as airline capacity has caught up with summer demand and jet fuel prices have dropped.
* Despite this, Federal interest rate hikes are predicted to continue.

Labor tension: The SAG-AFTRA union’s contract with film and TV studios expires tonight, raising fears of a potential strike, the first since 1960.
* Negotiations are continuing over key issues such as residuals and control over actors’ likenesses in the wake of the rise of streaming platforms.
* A strike would prevent actors from promoting their work, affecting events such as the Emmys and next week’s Comic-Con.

Additional news: Other key stories include a potential restructuring of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), accounting for 80% of the farm bill’s spending, and a social media trend, #whitepeoplefood that is gaining traction among young professionals in China.
* The farm bill, typically renewed every five years, expires this year, so changes to SNAP could significantly impact over 40 million Americans currently utilizing the program.
* The playful #白人饭, or #whitepeoplefood, primarily contrasts the simplicity of Western lunches with the complex nature of traditional Chinese dishes, leading to humorous reactions and commentary.

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