Elizabeth Holmes may be released 2 years earlier than originally sentenced

Disgraced Theranos CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, may be released two years earlier than her 11-year sentence due to good behavior.

The update: Federal officials confirmed that after six weeks of good behavior in prison, Holmes might be released almost two years ahead of schedule.
* Her current projected release date is December 29, 2032, which is slightly more than 9 1/2 years after beginning her sentence.
* Holmes is serving an 11-year sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Edward Davila last November, following her conviction on four counts of fraud and conspiracy.

The system: The early release is possible due to the federal government’s “good time” guidelines, applicable to prisoners who follow the rules.
* The Bureau of Prisons cited “privacy, safety, and security reasons” without elaborating on the specifics underlying Holmes’ projected early release.
* Like all other inmates, Holmes is entitled to earn good conduct time that is factored into her projected release date.

Also of note: Holmes’ former partner and top executive at Theranos, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, is also on track for an early release from his nearly 13-year prison sentence.
* Balwani, convicted of 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy, has a projected release date of April 1, 2034, almost 11 years after he began his sentence.

On appeal: Both Holmes and Balwani are seeking to get out even earlier as their lawyers pursue appeals that aim to overturn their respective convictions.

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