Trump asks the judge to delay the start of his classified documents trial

Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys have requested a delay in setting a trial date in his classified documents case, noting the breadth of materials, complex legal issues, and impact on the 2024 presidential election.

Request for delay: Trump’s lawyers cite the complexity and volume of materials in the case.
* The case charges Trump and his valet with hindering a federal investigation by concealing highly classified government documents at Trump’s Florida resort.
* Trump’s attorneys, Christopher Kise and Todd Blanche, argue that a trial during the 2024 presidential race, where Trump is a candidate, would affect both the election and the possibility of a fair trial.

Defendant’s likely next steps: Trump’s legal team proposes several future steps in the case.
* These include a probable motion to dismiss the charges, legal disputes over the special counsel’s authority, and an investigation into the nature of the documents and their proper classification.

Timeline dispute: The special counsel is pushing for a trial to start on Dec. 11, with the expectation that it will take three weeks.
* Trump’s attorneys argue this timeline is unrealistic, given the nature of the case, and they need more time to prepare a defense.
* Trump and his longtime aide, Walt Nauta, both plead not guilty to the charges in the Florida indictment.

Other legal issues: Trump also faces significant legal challenges, including separate civil and criminal trials in New York, and investigations by a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia and federal grand juries in Washington.

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