The U.S. extends a flash flood alert for the Northeast after woman in New York drowns

Heavy rains caused extreme flooding in New York’s Hudson Valley on Sunday night, leading to at least one death and extensive property damage, with more flash floods expected in the Northeast US.

Event Overview: Sunday’s storm brought extreme flooding in New York’s Hudson Valley, causing a woman’s drowning and tens of millions of dollars in damage.
* Flash flood warnings have been extended into Connecticut and Massachusetts, with some areas expected to get up to 5 inches of rain.
* The woman who drowned was swept away trying to evacuate her home.
* Boulders dislodged by the flooding damaged parts of the woman’s house.

Government Action: In response to the disaster, New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency in Orange and Ontario Counties.
* Hochul confirmed several people were missing and one home was washed away.
* The state has deployed five swift-water rescue teams and a high-axle vehicle for rescues in flooded areas.

Potential Risks: The National Weather Service warns of a considerable flood threat and a high risk of excessive rainfall for much of New England on Monday.
* Intense rain may be particularly strong in Vermont and northeastern New York.
* The heavy rains could lead to flash flooding in New York City, with potential for life-threatening flooding of basements.

Effects Observed: The flood has already caused notable damage to communities and infrastructure.
* West Point, home to the U.S. Military Academy, was severely flooded with worries that historic buildings might have water damage.
* Major roadways, like State Route 9W and the Palisades Interstate Parkway, were severely flooded and in some places closed.

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