Here’s how 10 minutes of mindfulness can help make or break a family vacation

Mindfulness techniques, including meditation, can improve your holiday experience and prevent stress and conflict, particularly during family vacations.

Background: Vacation can be challenging, especially with unexpected events and differing personality types.
* Dr. Michael Irwin, of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA, says mindfulness has significantly helped him cope with vacation stress.

Benefits of mindfulness: Mindfulness allows a person to be present in the moment, which can shift perceptions and responses when things don’t go as planned.
* Instead of reacting negatively to upsetting events, mindfulness can help you go with the flow and stay present.
* These practices can help manage both thoughts and feelings without losing temper.

Mindfulness techniques: Various techniques can help bring mindfulness into daily activities.
* Simple methods include focusing on breath for brief periods – or “micro-hits” – of meditation.
* Other practices include morning self-kindness meditation or the RAIN method (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture).
* Specific meditations can also help promote sleep or cultivate positive memory retrieval.

In practice: Practising these techniques during a vacation can help improve the overall experience by reducing stress and encouraging recall of positive memories, despite any mishaps.

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