Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin passes on Senate, announces House reelection run

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin has decided to forego a Senate run to focus on his House reelection campaign for a fifth term.

Announcement details: Raskin announced his decision to seek re-election to the House on Friday night.
* He had been considering a Senate run but now says the best way to make a difference would be to retain his House seat.
* This decision will affect the race to replace outgoing Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

Raskin’s journey: Raskin, who has recently gone into remission following intensive cancer treatment, was first elected to the House in 2016.
* He taught constitutional law at American University for over 25 years and has served on the House Oversight Committee.
* He gained prominence as the lead House manager during former President Trump’s second impeachment trial and currently defends President Biden and his administration against Republican investigations.

Health struggle: Amid his political career, Raskin battled a serious form of cancer—diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy since his diagnosis in December 2022.
* In April, his medical team declared him in remission, with a 90% prognosis of no relapse.

Senate race outlook: With Raskin out, the race for Senator Cardin’s open seat includes Maryland Rep. David Trone, Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando, and Angela Alsobrooks, a Prince George’s County official, among the Democratic contenders.
* Raskin had to reconcile his progressive stance with moderate and Republican voters in Maryland, potentially giving up significant House groundwork if he vacated his seat for the Senate.

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