Dangerous heat waves will hit the Southwest and Florida over the next week

Extensive and intense heat waves are set to impact areas in the Southwest and Florida this week, possibly setting temperature records and posing health risks.

Heat wave details: The National Weather Service has issued warnings for cities including Phoenix and Miami to avoid sun exposure this weekend.
* During the next week, Phoenix is expected to experience highs of 106 to 115 degrees, with the peak heat predicted for mid-week.
* This follows an already prolonged heat wave in Phoenix, with eight straight days of temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.
* These high temperatures and other conditions pose a risk for fires in the region.
* Parts of Tucson are also under a heat warning until Thursday, and thunderstorms are forecasted over the weekend due to monsoon moisture.

Florida’s situation: South Florida, from Naples to Miami to Fort Lauderdale, is currently under a heat advisory, anticipated to last until the coming evening.
* The regional heat index (perceived temperature) will range from 105 to 109 degrees on Saturday, which is considered dangerous.
* Year-to-date, Miami has seen its hottest year on record, breaking 15 daily temperature records, seven of which were in June.
* This prolonged sweltering heat poses particular dangers for the region’s outdoor workers, numbering more than 100,000.

Safety advice: Heat waves can cause serious health risks and even fatalities.
* To stay safe during extreme heat, the CDC advises staying indoors, preferably in air conditioning, wearing lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes, drinking plenty of water, and checking on vulnerable family and neighbors.
* If air conditioning is not available at home, people are advised to visit public spaces like shopping malls, libraries, or local health department cooling shelters.

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