Las Vegas just unveiled its new $2.3 billion spherical entertainment venue

Las Vegas has introduced the Sphere, a $2.3 billion entertainment venue that features the world’s largest LED screen and spherical structure.

The Sphere’s Design: Sphere features a massive LED screen that can display animations such as the moon, planets, fireworks, and eyeballs.
* The LED screen of Sphere is about 580,000 square feet and includes about 1.2 million puck lights, with each light possessing 48 diodes capable of displaying up to 256 million colors.
* It is referred to as “living architecture” by Guy Barnett, Sphere Entertainment’s senior vice president of brand strategy and creative development.

Other Features: The Sphere is also the largest spherical structure globally, being 516 feet wide and 366 feet tall.
* It can hold 17,600 people seated and has a standing capacity of 20,000 people.
* The Sphere fully lit up for the first time on July 4th with a fireworks display.

Public Reaction: The public’s responses to the new venue have varied.
* Tweets ranged from those that celebrated the Sphere like the tweets from Brian Trát and Chris Maathuis; to those that pointed out community acceptance, like Hayden Clarkin’s comment about communities being more accepting of a giant LED sphere than an elevated train line.

What’s Next: The Sphere is set to open for its first show in September, with rock band U2 as the opening act.

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