How the recent SCOTUS session renewed questions about the Court’s legitimacy

The recent Supreme Court session has sparked questions about the Court’s legitimacy, as liberal members accuse the conservative supermajority of political motivations.

Law and Politics: NY Times reporter Adam Liptak notes that liberal court members have accused their conservative colleagues of being politically driven.
* According to Liptak, these liberal justices allege that the conservative supermajority is not applying established law to the issues at hand, thus compromising the Court’s legitimacy.

Questioning Legitimacy: These charges renew questions about the Supreme Court’s political impartiality.
* The institution is traditionally considered above politics, but these allegations suggest political bias within the Court, potentially threatening its standing as a neutral arbitrator of the law.

Investigative Reporting: Liptak’s reporting draws from his expertise in legal and judicial affairs.
* His observations underscore the potential challenges and controversies that the Supreme Court may face due to perceived political bias.

Please note: Just based on this article alone, it is not clear what specific decisions or issues have led to these accusations.

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