U.S. is expected to announce it will send cluster munitions to Ukraine

The Biden administration is expected to announce its intentions of sending controversial cluster munitions to Ukraine, despite concerns from human rights groups about potential risk to civilians.

Upcoming announcement: U.S. officials shared that the cluster bombs are being provided at Ukraine’s request to target entrenched Russian forces.
* These munitions, which drop numerous bomblets, are already being used in warfare by Ukraine and Russia.
* Ukraine reportedly pressed the U.S. to send such weapons due to a dwindling ammunition supply.

Human rights concerns: Over 100 countries have banned cluster bombs due to the danger they pose to civilians.
* These weapons release bomblets over a large area that can explode upon contact, making them a risk to civilians even after the war has ended.
* There is an ongoing controversy over the ethical implication of these weapons.

U.S hand in previous wars: The U.S. has used cluster munitions in past conflicts and has a significant stockpile.
* The U.S. has deployed such weapons during both the Afghan and Iraq wars.

The plan to supply these bombs indicates a continued U.S. role in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, providing support to the Ukrainian forces against Russian aggression.

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