Lab tests confirm the powder found in the West Wing lobby is cocaine

Lab tests confirm that the powder found in the West Wing of the White House is cocaine, sparking an investigation into how it came to be there.

Event Details: A routine sweep by U.S. Secret Service agents on Sunday resulted in the discovery of the small bag of cocaine in the White House’s busy lobby area.
* The discovery led to a brief evacuation of the complex while the fire department conducted tests to ensure the substance was not hazardous.
* Lab analysis confirmed that the substance was indeed cocaine.

Investigation Status: The individuals responsible for bringing the drugs into the White House have not yet been identified.
* The Secret Service, tasked with securing the White House, is scrutinizing visitor logs and security footage as part of their investigations.
* If a White House staff member was found responsible, identification would be easier due to pre-existing measures like fingerprinting and drug tests. Visitors, however, would be harder to trace.

Reactions: President Joe Biden was not on-site at the time, but he has been briefed on the situation and emphasizes its serious nature.
* “The president thinks it’s incredibly important to get to the bottom of this,” stated press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.
* Confidence in the Secret Service remains strong, according to the White House.

Pending Actions: The Secret Service released a statement saying they are “evaluating” the item and continue to investigate how it entered the White House.

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