A woman is found alive and stuck in the mud a week after she went missing

A missing woman, Emma Tetewsky, was found alive a week after she disappeared, stuck in her car in a Massachusetts state park.

The rescue: Hikers spotted Tetewsky in her vehicle at Borderland State Park and reported to Easton Police Department.
* Tetewsky was found conscious and alert but was taken to the hospital for observation.
* All-terrain vehicles were deployed to reach the woman stuck in the mud.

Background: Tetewsky’s family had not seen her since the previous Monday and police announced she was missing the following day.
* At the time, police revealed that she did not have a cellphone with her and had a history of struggles with her mental health.

Stoughton Police Department’s statement: The Stoughton Police Department expressed gratitude towards the public for their persistent hope and help in locating the missing woman.
* The statement emphasized that Tetewsky’s safe location was a result of the public’s contribution.

Advice when stuck in mud: The National Park Service provides guidance for people whose vehicles are stuck in sand or mud.
* It recommends turning on four-wheel drive, keeping a low, steady pressure on the accelerator, and swiftly moving the steering wheel side-to-side for traction.
* The use of solid surfaces, such as vehicle’s floor mats, beneath the tires to create traction, and staying with the vehicle is also advised.
* It also suggests to avoid strenuous activity and stay in the car’s shade.

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