Women are returning to the job market in droves, just when the U.S. needs them most

Women are returning to the U.S. job market in large numbers in response to economic recovery and high demand for workers.

Big Picture: The U.S. is experiencing a significant increase in women reentering the workforce, needed to support its growing economy.
* Women’s participation in the workforce has actually rebounded from the pandemic more swiftly than men’s.

By the Numbers: In May, the share of working-age women between 25 and 54 who are working or looking for work hit 77.6% — an all-time high.
* Among African American women in that age range, more than 80% are in the workforce.

The Aftermath of COVID-19: The pandemic had a massive impact on women leaving their jobs to care for their families.
* Many women have now returned to work following the easing of the pandemic, with some finding remote work provides the flexibility they need.
* Challenges remain, however, including a shortage of childcare workers and the impending expiration of temporary federal subsidies.

Voices from the Workforce: Women who have returned to work report satisfaction beyond the financial benefits.
* Economist Betsey Stevenson attributes the quick return of women to the job market to their long resumes and work experience.
* Sudarshana Sharma, who returned to work as a software engineer, said “I think you should take a chance on more moms” as they have “time-management skills. And multi-tasking.”

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