Possible shark attacks prompt heightened patrols at New York’s Long Island beaches

Two swimmers were reportedly attacked by sharks near Long Island leading to more vigilant monitoring along the New York beaches.

The Incident: On Tuesday, two separate apparent shark attacks occurred about 60 miles apart.
* One 47-year-old man was bitten in chest-deep water at Quogue Village Beach.
* A 49-year-old man reported being bitten on the hand while he was swimming near Fire Island Pines Beach.

Increased Vigilance: Due to several shark incident last year, the state parks have stepped up patrols and surveillance measures.
* After observing around 50 sand sharks near a popular beach, one beach delayed opening. When it did reopen, swimmers were advised to stay close to shore.
* Drones are being deployed to assess the surrounding waters for potential danger.

Recent Attacks: These are not isolated incidents. There have been other attacks just days earlier.
* On Monday, a 15-year-old girl was treated for a possible shark bite to her leg.
* Another 15-year-old reported being bitten by a shark on his foot while surfing near Fire Island Pines, not far from Tuesday’s reported attack.

Public Response: Despite the attacks, beachgoers are remaining in the area.
* The beach was briefly closed after a shark sighting that turned out to be a dolphin.
* Long Island State Parks Regional Director, George Gorman, stated “We want to make sure swimmers are safe,” emphasizing their concern for public safety.

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