VP Kamala Harris says the Supreme Court took rights from the people of America

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the 29th Essence Festival of Culture, expressing concern over recent Supreme Court decisions impacting civil rights, student loan debt, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Event background: This past weekend, tens of thousands of attendees convened at the Essence festival in New Orleans, featuring panel discussions about economic opportunity and maternal health.
* Vice President Harris headlined conversations at the festival, where Supreme Court decisions issued over the weekend were frequently discussed.

Vice President’s remark: Harris expressed serious concerns about the Supreme Court decisions, stating that the court took rights away from the American people.
* She said, “And I do believe that there is a national movement afoot to attack hard won and hard fought freedoms,” during an interview.

Public reaction: Festival attendees voiced their worries and expectations in the wake of the Supreme Court decisions.
* For instance, Tomayia Colvin talked about the student loan debt issue, and Jame Jackson was interested to know what the Biden-Harris administration is doing to protect marginalized groups.

Court decisions impact: The Supreme Court’s decisions have far-reaching implications on a range of issues from college admissions, student loan debt, to LGBTQ+ rights.
* Harris highlighted that Congress could reinstate protections of Roe v. Wade which were lost due to the Dobbs decision last year.

Looking forward: Harris confirmed that she and President Biden are running for re-election and emphasized their focus on delivering for the American people.
* She outlined several areas of work including bringing down healthcare costs, job creation, and addressing climate change.

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