Up first briefing: Supreme Court and 2024 elections; French protests; Twitter limits

Up First’s today’s briefing covers the implications of recent Supreme Court rulings on US elections, violent protests in France, a limit imposed by Twitter on the number of tweets users can read daily, and further coverage on ongoing issues.

Election implications: Recent Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action, student loans forgiveness, and LGBTQ+ rights could heavily impact the 2024 elections in the US.
* NPR’s Domenico Montanaro hints at a potential “political messaging war” between Democrats and Republicans with young voters and more Black Americans potentially being key voting groups.
* Vice President Kamala Harris sees this as a “serious moment” with “fundamental issues at stake.”

French Protests: Violent protests following a police killing of Nahel M., an Algerian-Moroccan descent teenager, continue in France.
* Despite Nahel’s grandmother’s plea for calm, the protests have persisted for nearly a week, with the French government deploying 45,000 police personnel across the country.
* NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley reports of protesters’ claims of police racism and the political pressure on leaders to address it.

Twitter Limits: Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced a cap on the number of Tweets users can view daily to combat data scraping and system manipulation.
* Musk’s move, according to NPR’s Bobby Allyn, is intended to stimulate Twitter’s slowly dwindling economy.
* However, some social media experts argue that this limits the public nature of Twitter.

Health Concerns: The CDC reports unrelated malaria cases in Florida and Texas, with patients contracting the P. vivax strain.
* Despite milder symptoms, the strain could still prove fatal and people contracting it are advised to go to the hospital.
* Climate change causing longer, warmer summers and increased rainfall could potentially make parts of the U.S. more hospitable for malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

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