At least 3 Palestinians are killed as Israel stages a large raid in the West Bank

The Israeli military conducted a large-scale raid in the West Bank, resulting in at least three Palestinians killed and 13 injured.

Driving the news: The Israeli military described the raided site in the Jenin refugee camp as a “unified command center” for militants and resumed conducting airstrikes, a tactic rarely used over the past two decades.
* A separate incident resulted in a 21-year-old Palestinian killed near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Context: The Jenin camp has witnessed rising Israeli-Palestinian violence since spring 2022, with Monday’s raid succeeding a violent confrontation two weeks prior.
* Israel increased its raids in the West Bank in response to a surge of Palestinian attacks last year, claiming they are to curb militancy.
* Some of the deadliest violence in almost two decades has been witnessed in the area this year.

By the numbers: The latest deaths push the 2023 death toll of Palestinians killed in the West Bank to 131.
* Palestinian attacks since the start of the year have led to 24 fatalities.

What they’re saying: While Israel insists most of those killed were militants, Palestinians maintain that protests and those uninvolved in the confrontations have also fallen victim to the increased military presence and view it as a solidification of Israel’s 56-year occupation of the territory.

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