Drone Photo Award winners capture the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary

This year’s Drone Photo Awards highlighted extraordinary beauty in ordinary scenes across the globe, resulting from nearly 14,000 submissions from 104 countries.

Event overview: The annual competition now in its sixth year celebrates images taken with drones, with submissions ranging from landscapes to scenes of everyday life.
* Emanuela Ascoli, head of photography for National Geographic-France and one of this year’s judges, emphasized the unique perspectives that drone photography offers.
* Photographers from countries including Bangladesh, Syria, and the Dominican Republic were among the winners and recipients of honorable mentions.
* The photos were evaluated not only for their aesthetic qualities, but also for their ability to evoke emotion and impart knowledge to the viewer.

Spotlight on winners: Winning entries captured various human and natural subjects.
* Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan’s photo “Rice Processing” highlighted the artistic patterns created by field workers in a rice field in Bangladesh.
* Mouneb Taim’s piece “Ramadan meals among the ruins in Idlib, Syria” depicted a group maintaining traditions amid a war-ravaged city.
* Matias Delacroix’s photograph “Dominican Republic Haiti Daily Life” illustrated the crowded northern border between the two countries.
* Raj Mohan’s “Boon to Bane! – the 300 acres of dumpyard” focused on the degradation of Pallikaranai wetlands in Chennai, India due to pollution.

Key quotes: Ascoli emphasized that to win an award, photos must “transmit some emotion,” and “teach you something that you might not have known before.”
* Ascoli also stressed that this communication should be “done in a beautiful, elegant way.”
* Mouneb Taim, a freelance photographer based in Turkey, explained that his photo of people in Syria holding a collective iftar, was a “mixture of hope, pain and determination.”

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