Traveling over the Fourth of July weekend? So is everyone else

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a record-breaking 50 million Americans are projected to travel 50 miles or more from home, despite high ticket prices and inflation.

By the numbers: Most people (43.2 million) will be traveling by car, with 4.17 million flying and over 3.3 million traveling by bus, cruise, or train.
* AAA predicts the most congested routes will be between cities and nearby beaches, including New York City to the Jersey Shore, and Boston to Hyannis, Mass.
* Lower gas prices compared to last year also serve as an incentive for drivers.

Behind the record-breaking travel: The need to travel has increased as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes.
* There’s a projected 11.2% increase in Americans flying over the holiday weekend compared to last summer, and 6.6% higher than in 2019, before the pandemic.
* U.S. airlines are predicted to carry a record 257 million passengers in summer 2023.

Potential challenges: There are concerns that several factors may disrupt smooth travel over the holiday.
* United Airlines has recently had to cancel thousands of flights due to bad weather and internal scheduling issues.
* Some flights may face disruption due to an aviation deadline related to 5G signals being boosted on July 1.
* Airlines, however, assure that they have retrofitted their planes and are ready to handle any potential disruptions.

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