More than 600 arrests after a new night of protests across France over teen’s killing

Over 600 people were arrested during a third night of protests across France due to the police shooting of a 17-year-old named Nahel, resulting in at least 200 police officer injuries and increased tension nationwide.

Unrest across the nation: Increasing turmoil was reported in multiple cities due to the incident.
* In the northwest Paris suburb of Nanterre, where Nahel was shot, protesters lit fires and clashed with armored police vehicles.
* Further fires and damages were reported in several other Paris suburbs including Clichy-sous-Bois and Aubervilliers, as well as in the capital city itself.
* Violent groups in Marseille’s city center demanded police intervention.

Government response: French authorities have struggled to restore order in the ensuing chaos.
* President Emmanuel Macron planned an emergency security meeting on Friday after leaving an EU summit in Brussels early.
* Overall, 40,000 police officers were deployed and over 667 people were detained during the protests, with the Interior Minister referring to the situation as a “rare violence.”

Police account and critique: The shooting brought up longstanding tensions between French police and communities, especially disadvantaged neighborhoods.
* The police officer in question was charged with voluntary homicide, as authorities found that “conditions for the legal use of the weapon were not met.”
* The lawyer for the police officer states that the officer did what he thought was necessary at the moment, albeit regretful of the outcome.
* Anti-racism activists continue to voice complaints about police behavior, specifically alleging indiscriminate hostility towards certain racial groups.

Flashbacks to past unrest: The situation has evoked memories of widespread rioting in 2005, following the accidental death of two boys while in police pursuit.
* Deadly use of firearms by police officers is less common in France than in the United States; however, calls for more accountability have grown due to several instances of people being injured or killed by French police in recent years.
* In 2021, 13 people were fatally shot after failing to stop for police traffic checks, and so far this year, 3 people including Nahel have died under similar circumstances.

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