In a new video, Dylan Mulvaney says Bud Light never reached out to her amid backlash

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney released a video revealing that she didn’t receive any support from Bud Light following backlash over a sponsored video, which has led to bullying and transphobia.

Backstory: Mulvaney posted a sponsored video for Bud Light a few months ago featuring a personalized beer can with her face on it.
* Post-video backlash included significant criticism from conservative politicians and social media reactions like pouring out the beer, and even Kid Rock shooting cases of Bud Light.
* Mulvaney had hoped for some form of outreach from Bud Light for support but mentions that no such contact was made.

Impact on Mulvaney: In the video, Mulvaney revealed the personal impact the situation has had on her.
* She mentioned having been afraid to leave her house, been ridiculed publicly, and felt intense loneliness due to the reaction from the sponsored ad.

Sales Impact: Bud Light, which had been America’s best-selling beer for over two decades, has now fallen to second place.
* Bud Light sales dropped by 29% in the four-week period ending in mid-June from a year earlier.

Company Response: The company released an ambiguous message in response to the controversy.
* An April statement from Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth vaguely addressed the issue, saying they didn’t intend to be part of a discussion that divides people.
* Mulvaney argues that this lack of clear support for the LGBTQ+ community and her situation specifically, can subtly encourage transphobia and hatred.

Calls to action: Mulvaney ends her video by calling on viewers to donate to the Transgender Law Center.
* Anheuser-Busch has not responded to NPR’s request for comment on the situation.

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