A Brazil court has banned Bolsonaro from running for election until 2030

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been banned from running for election until 2030 due to abuse of power accusations.

The verdict: Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court in Brasilia voted by a majority to ban Bolsonaro for eight years.
* This ruling prohibits the right-wing populist from participating in the next presidential election.
* Bolsonaro would be eligible to run again in the 2030 election, at 75 years old.

The details of power abuse: The court claimed that Bolsonaro summoned ambassadors to his residence and made baseless claims about the country’s voting machines ahead of the last election.
* These accusations were made just months before the election, which Bolsonaro ultimately lost.

Reactions and future implications: Though Bolsonaro plans to appeal the decision, two court justices sided with Bolsonaro, arguing he had the right to freely express his opinions.

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