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Uruguayan-American musician Juan Wauters reflects on personal changes, COVID-19, and the creation of his latest album, “Wandering Rebel.”

In the spotlight: Juan Wauters rose to fame with his acoustic sound and straightforward storytelling in his music.
* His latest album, “Wandering Rebel,” underscores a journey of introspection and deals with personal changes Wauters underwent in the past year.
* Wauters revealed he reconnected with his birth country Uruguay during COVID-19 and started to spend long durations there, even shifting to live in a remote beach town in Uruguay for a month.

Influences on the album: Wauters’ experience of feeling like a foreigner in his own country is reflected in his music.
* According to Wauters, the process of creating the album amidst changes in his life affected his emotional state, reflected in the lyrics of his track “Nube Negra.”
* Wauters explained that the lack of contact with his fanbase and inability to gauge audience response due to COVID-19 led to challenges and self-doubt during the album’s creation.

Life changes and future possibilities: Wauters shares that settling down has become an appealing choice after years of a nomadic lifestyle.
* He reveals that he and his partner Lucia welcomed a baby girl which brings new choices for his future, including living in Uruguay and being a father.
* Wauters is uncertain about the future of his music in America while he resides in Uruguay, but he sees many new possibilities in these changes.

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