AI-generated text is hard to spot. It could play a big role in the 2024 campaign

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications, though beneficial for creativity, cause concern as they may be used for propagating false information in the 2024 campaign.

The new tool: Generative AI applications have become accessible to the public for the past year, creating opportunities for creativity, but also avenues for spreading misinformation.
* AI-generated images and text, such as presidential candidate Ron Desantis’s campaign sharing seemingly fake images, have already surfaced, creating confusion and market fluctuations.
* Text created by AI-powered chatbots is proving to be particularly hard to detect, raising concerns regarding how falsehoods can spread online.

The concern: Researchers worry about the impact of AI-generated text on the democratic process, as the technology shows prowess for spreading propaganda.
* Preliminary studies indicate that AI-created propaganda can get almost as close in swaying American readers’ opinions as human-crafted propaganda from sources like Russia or Iran.
* There is currently little means of catching such AI-generated misinformation, with software designed for that very purpose often failing.

The potential: Generative AI could greatly influence campaigns by refining political messages more effectively and at a larger scale.
* As per a research analyst’s findings, AI-generated posts could prove more cost-effective for actors wishing to spread propaganda posts; it’s quicker to review AI outputs than to craft original content.

The bigger picture: With quality being a negotiable factor, AI-generated content might be effective for flooding platforms with slightly different versions of similar messages.
* This technique could hamper real conversations, providing foreign actors an easier way to reach a broader audience online.
* This possibility, along with the anticipated technological advancements by 2024, makes the subject of how to regulate AI-generated content pressing.

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