A Yankees pitcher throws a perfect game Wednesday, just the 24th in MLB history

New York Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán threw a perfect game on Wednesday, marking the 24th in Major League Baseball history.

Breaking records: Germán threw the perfect game in an 11-0 victory against the Oakland Athletics.
* This achievement marks the fourth perfect game in Yankees’ history.
* The 30-year-old player managed to perform this feat over nine innings with 99 pitches, allowing no hits and no walks.

Historical context: Germán became the oldest player to throw a perfect game since 2010.
* The last player of his age to accomplish this was Roy Halladay, who was 33 years old when he threw his perfect game with Philadelphia.

Viewer engagement: The perfect game was observed by over 12,000 live spectators in Oakland, California.
* The event exemplifies how Major League Baseball, and baseball more generally, is known for being a sport filled with stats and records.

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