16 people are hospitalized after an Amtrak train crashes into a water truck

16 people were hospitalized after an Amtrak train struck a public works truck, causing it to derail in Moorpark, California.

Incident details: The crash incident involved a northbound 10-car Amtrak passenger train and a public works truck on Wednesday around 11
* The train was heading from Los Angeles towards Seattle.
* The incident led to the derailment of three out of seven passenger cars but the cars remained upright. No individuals required extraction to exit the train.
* Smoke was observed from the train’s luggage car, but was quickly controlled by the fire department.

Victim impact: The collision resulted in the hospitalization of 16 people, including the truck’s driver, a public works employee, who was taken to a trauma center.
* One passenger described the incident as a “scary” and “painful” experience.
* Several local agencies reported the injuries as mostly minor, though some passengers reported severe pain.

The Crossing Situation: The crash occurred at a level-grade crossing, which had a stop sign but no electronic crossing arms.
* The public works truck was atop the crossing, as its driver was involved in cleaning a nearby channel.
* The collision slowed traffic on the nearby Highway 118 as onlookers observed emergency responders and passengers at the crash scene.

Note from Amtrak: As of the reporting time, Amtrak did not respond to requests for more information about the incident.

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