If you love film, you should be worried about what’s going on at Turner Classic Movies

Most of the people guiding Turner Classic Movies (TCM) have been dismissed, causing concerns about the future of this esteemed movie programming network.

What’s happening: TCM has announced the dismissal of programmers, producers of special material, and executives involved in planning festivals and events.
* TCM has a reputation for presenting a wide variety of films throughout history and explaining their relevance, creating a sense of community among its viewers.
* The channel has aired uninterrupted, unedited films without commercials since its launch in 1994 by TV executive Ted Turner.

Concerning Changes: Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who recently explained his changes to TCM, wants filmmakers to curate and present movies of their choosing on the network.
* While bringing filmmakers to present their favorite films isn’t inherently objectionable, critics argue that such changes didn’t necessitate the replacement of the current management team.

Past success: TCM had been successful in its programming, offering diverse content including silent movies, underground films, film noir, and musicals.
* The network has featured guest like Steven Spielberg, to present and discuss his favorite films.

Potential Impacts: Critics argue that Zaslav’s alterations to other networks, such as HBO Max and CNN, have resulted in devaluation and damage to the brands.
* Zaslav previously shut down the UK equivalent of TCM and has significantly altered the TCM sub-menu on the Max streaming service to focus on more recent, color films.
* Critics are concerned that similar changes could weaken TCM’s commitment to its range of curated films and dedicated film community.

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