How to laugh in the face of sorrow: Insights from a Lebanese sweets shop owner

Lebanese sweets shop owner, Nassim Haddad, managed to rebuild his life and successful business amidst various crises using resilience and positivity as coping mechanisms.

The backdrop: Haddad’s long and eventful life includes losing his restaurants and home during the Lebanese civil war, which began in 1975.
* After his businesses were destroyed, Haddad decided to start from scratch, opening Chez Nassim, a sweets shop, in the town of Broummana.

The resilience shown: Through his tenacity and positive outlook, Haddad rebuilt his life amid economic crisis, war, and disaster.
* Haddad choose to live life to the fullest, making the best out of every day with his mantra, “You have to be happy.”

A booming business: After the civil war ended in 1990, Haddad used his savings to open a successful restaurant in Beirut called Place de l’Etoile.
* The restaurant flourished, often filled with prominent figures, including the then Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.
* However, Haddad decided to sell the restaurant in 2008 and concentrated more on his sweets shop, Chez Nassim.

Dealing with loss: Haddad had to deal with the assassination of Rafic Hariri who regularly visited his restaurant.
* He felt great sadness at Lebanon’s situation after Hariri’s assassination but resolved to move forward.

The enduring sweet spot: Today, Chez Nassim remains successful amid Lebanon’s ongoing crises.
* Haddad continues to maintain his positive outlook while running his business, extending his resilience and determination to his employees, whom he’s managed to keep paying despite numerous challenges.

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